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Welcome To The CDC Suspension System

The CDC Suspension System is a revolution in footwear. Unlike any other shoe, it is uniquely designed to work with, not against, the human body's natural foot motion to reduce wear and tear forces throughout the body.

Developed by Dr. D. Casey Kerrigan, who has earned international acclaim for her research in gait, the patented system features a series of unique cantilever units which compress and release in reponse to intrinsic foot motion from supination to pronation and back to supination.

Those who have experienced the new design have commented on the shoes' extraordinary comfort, remarking that the shoe releases a whole new natural way of walking.

Prior to the development of the CDC Suspension System, existing footwear designs relied on cushioning and medial support structures. These elements, however, actually interfere with natural biomechanics and muscle function compromising long-term musculoskeletal health. The CDC (Coupled Dynamic Cantilever) Suspension System, on the other hand, provides physiological compliance that couples with the body to mitigate joint torques and forces upward from the foot.

The CDC System promotes a natural biomechanic form, as if you were walking in a prairie or on a wooded trail.

We invite you to learn more about the patented system's unique design, how it works, and the inspiration behind this break-through in footwear.